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Composting Projects with Our Stamp

It’s straight forward. Composting equals wealth.

With the amount of waste from the market and agricultural industries – such as from Palm Olein production – organisations nationwide are looking for ways to earn more from the things (that for years) they have had to throw away.

Our initial collaborations have opened up many doors for other opportunities – in Malaysia and abroad.

Our Methodology on Compost Processing

Beginning with market waste or other green waste, the process starts as waste is sorted and loaded onto a conveyor system. They then undergo a shredding / slicing process.

This waste is then dumped into a collection wagon or large bin, which is then transported to the Windrow building. Here, windrow is made and later a process called turning is performed.

The windrow is monitored, and must pass strict product constraints before it undergoes the next stages.

Matured windrow will then be fine grinded / screened before the last stage of packaging and awaiting distribution.

  • The following process flows show this composting methodology:

  • Compost Plant

Agro Waste Composting Facility (Client: PKPS Agro Industries Sdn Bhd)

Fully operational in 2006, our client took part in developing a market waste management system in Pasar Borong Selangor.

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