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Bio-Manage Development

Bio-Manage Development is an activity in which Detik Aturan identifies and studies the suitability and feasibility of carrying out a project based on the biomass resources available in the proposed area.

From there the company will recommend the most suitable processing facility to be built - either compost processing facility or pellet processing facility.

Example of a compost processing facility was built for client PKPS Agro Industries Sdn Bhd; as seen in our projects.

In Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language):

Bio-Manage Development adalah satu aktiviti di mana syarikat mengenalpasti dan menjalankan kajian kesesuaian dan kebolehlaksanaan sesuatu projek berdasarkan sumber biomas yang terdapat di kawasan yang dicadangkan.

Dari situ syarikat akan mencadangkan samada sesuai untuk dibina fasiliti pemprosesan kompos ataupun fasiliti pemprosesan pellet.

Contoh fasiliti pemprosesan kompos yang telah dibina untuk PKPS Agro Industries Sdn Bhd boleh dilihat di our projects.


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